Family and Emergency Dentistry in Fresno, CA 

Dental accidents and emergencies can happen at any time to a patient of any age. In Fresno, Dr. Nwajei provides preventive and emergency dentistry that can minimize the risk of accidental damage while ensuring a healthy smile in case of emergency. Our preventive care methods, knowledge of tooth development through the ages, and general dental procedures will restore health and beauty to your smile.

Preventive Dentistry Starts Early

Regularly incorporating an effective oral health regimen is the first step to protecting your dentition against oral health problems. Starting with young children, our dental team educates patients and their parents on the importance of effective oral hygiene and how to incorporate good hygiene habits on their own. We teach children about procedures using kid-friendly terms and hands-on demonstrations to explain the different functions of our dental tools.

By developing and reinforcing these important skills early on, children quickly become accustomed to regular dental care and routine visits. Not only does this help improve lifelong oral health, but also lessens the likelihood of children becoming fearful or anxious when visiting the dentist.   

For added protection, A Beautiful Smile offers fluoride varnishes and sealants during routine cleanings. Children and teens benefit from these added preventive tools that are designed to protect young mouths from dental cavities. 


Treating Dental Emergencies in Fresno

Dental emergencies can happen at any time to any patient. A Beautiful Smile specializes in helping patients achieve great oral health at any age, after any accident.

From accidental tooth loss to fractured and broken dentures and fillings, Dr. Nwajei is available to help you recover dental function and oral health. A Beautiful Smile offers a number of emergency dental and restoration procedures, including:

- Root Canal Therapy
- Emergency Dentures
- Crowns and Fixed Bridges 
- Teeth Extractions and Bone Grafting

 family dentist with Efema P. Nwajei, D.D.S

Incorporating Innovative Dental Technology

To encourage healthy recovery, A Beautiful Smile incorporates advanced tools and techniques into our regular and emergency dental procedures. From intraoral scanning to digital x-rays, our dental team strategically plans your dental treatment, tailoring your care to your specific dental needs. Our mission is to help strengthen your smile and prevent future dental emergencies from damaging your dentition.

For more complex reconstruction and treatments, we utilize BIOLASE dental laser. This cutting-edge technology is particularly useful when treating gum disease as the sterile tool cauterizes incisions during the procedure. With this soft tissue laser, patients experience reduced post-operational recovery time and discomfort as well as desensitizing teeth and improved oral health. 

Comfortable Dentistry 

Visiting the dentist doesn’t have to be an ordeal. To help make your dental procedure a stress-free experience, A Beautiful Smile offers nitrous oxide. When combined with local anesthesia, many of our patients find that the anticipation leading up to their dental procedure to have been much worse than the procedure itself. To meet the accessibility needs of our patients, all of our operatories are wheelchair accessible and Dr. Nwajei specializes in providing special needs dentistry. 

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Maintaining good oral hygiene is critical to preventing and limiting the dental damage caused by accident or daily wear and tear. Contact A Beautiful Smile for more information on preventive dentistry and emergency dental care today. 

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